Getting Hired As A Crypto CFO In 2024

Hosted on February 1, 2024 by Umar Mallam Hassam, Creator of The Accountant Quits, Mackenzie Patel, Founding Partner at Hash Basis
Robert Pasquin, COO at Cryptoworth
Save yourself months of frustration learning crypto accounting by yourself, and let industry experts help you become a confident Crypto CFO & Accountant!
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The course was excellent. I strongly encourage anyone involved in web3 finance or those leading a web3 company to enroll in this course for both the knowledge and ideas exchange it brings.
@Request Network
"An incredibly comprehensive course that takes the 'fear factor' of crypto accounting away. A must for all accountants."
Lisa Wilson
Lisa Wilson
Business Services Accountant
"The course displayed a meticulously structured format, with instructors showcasing extensive expertise. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in comprehending crypto accounting, especially founders seeking simplified explanations of accounting basics to understand the accounting and tax effects of crypto transactions."
"The course exceeded my expectations and the content was targeted toward issues that CFOs must solve for their organization. This is exactly what I expected and why I did the course. After the course, I have a much better understanding of the issues afoot. I would recommend the course to any budding CFO or CEO who wants to understand how web3 accounting differs from web2."
"I thought that the course was well put together and the topics had a wide breadth for both crypto/non-crypto native students and accounting/non-accounting finance professionals. I would recommend the course to others even if they have some domain expertise. For me, it was insightful to see what others are doing and how they treat/interpret things because we are in a space that moves faster than legislation and guidance."
Scott Hewitson
Scott Hewitson
Director of Finance
@Akash Network
@Akash Network
"The course provided all the contextual information I expected with a very good balance between covering the general concepts and deep diving into some more specific technical details. Also appreciated the exposure to the best practices that are nascent/evolving in the space."
@Best Friend Finance
“The instructors were amazing. It's clear that all of them are very well prepared and have plenty of knowledge about crypto. I also found it quite valuable to have direct access to the instructors as to ask questions in the future.”
@Merit Circle
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