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The Accountant Quits has been a great partner of ours in getting more exposure among the crypto accounting crowd. Our relationship has directly contributed to more customers and revenue for Rain. Umar is very passionate about this topic and cares deeply about curating a great ecosystem around him and it shows with the quality of people that engage in the content he puts out there.


Thanks to The Accountant Quits, we discovered Request Finance, and have been regularly using it at MoonTax, and for our clients.


Partnering with The Accountant Quits has exceeded our expectations. The deep engagement with the accounting-specific audience has improved our brand recognition. Umar’s frequent content initiatives have increased our marketing ROI quarterly. We’re happy to continue shaping together a strong partnership to educate and onboard new accountants on crypto accounting.


The community of Finance & Operations leaders in Web3

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Working in web3 requires rethinking a lot of the old models of how we work.

Traditional tools have not been built with crypto in mind, and it is a challenging endeavor to fully run your business on crypto.

That’s why Request Finance, the industry leader in crypto invoicing, payroll & expenses has curated a community of web3 CFOs to share best practices around web3 financial operations.

If you’re a web3 business Founder, CEO, CF, or in charge of financial operations, you can join this exclusive community today by filling up an application form at Web3CFO Club.

Crypto Accounting Software for Busy Accountants

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Whenever you use cryptocurrencies in your business, the framework for your bookkeeping is a combination of traditional and crypto native accounting softwares.

Together with your current accounting solution like Xero, Quickbooks, Oracle Netsuite and SAP, you also need a crypto accounting software.

To be used as a sub ledger to extract, process and feed in transactions from the blockchain into your main ledger.

Cryptoworth is an accounting software built for crypto, and integrates with 100+ blockchains, 50+ exchanges and over 700 DeFi protocols.

You can now get access to their platform for free for 30 days by using the code ‘theaccountantquits’ at Cryptoworth.

Manage your crypto spending with the serenity of TradFi

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Ever since I started freelancing, if there is 1 tool that has made my life easier for crypto invoicing , that’s without a doubt Request Finance.

Before I would prepare my invoice in a spreadsheet, copy and paste my wallet address, and save it as a pdf. Reconciling and tracking those payments was so time-consuming for me.

But now with Request Finance,  I can create professional-looking invoices in the currency of my choice, whether a local currency like USD or Euro, and be paid in crypto.

Right now, Request Finance is offering you 1 month for free when you sign up using this promo link.

Digital Asset Bookkeeping and Tax Support

If you want your crypto startup, DAO, or protocol to have compliant financials for your accounting, fundraising, audit, and tax requirements, hiring an accounting firm with the right crypto knowledge early to lay down the right foundations might save hours and money in the long run as you scale.

Convoy Finance is a crypto-native firm of accountants specializing in providing digital asset bookkeeping and tax support to crypto clients.

Their services range from Fractional CFO & Advisory services, crypto sub-ledger implementation, Fundraising advisory, payroll, and monthly and yearly accounting and filing of your financials.

Their services range from Fractional CFO & Advisory services, crypto sub-ledger implementation, Fundraising advisory, payroll, and monthly and yearly accounting and filing of your financials.

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