Episode 28

Joe David on Accounting for DeFi

Joe David on Accounting for DeFi

What We Discuss With Joe David

The growth of financial instruments powered by DeFi is inevitable.

DeFi exacerbates the benefits of decentralisation: faster, more secure and transparent, and by getting rid of the middleman and instead using smart contracts, the cherry on the cake is that you get to enjoy higher returns than traditional finance.

But if the time for DeFi has come, the accounting bodies are still in their starting block (no pun intended)

One firm that has gained traction and made a name for itself as the leading crypto accounting firm in the UK, is Myna Accountants.

& Its founder Joe David, has been devoting his working hours to provide much needed answers to crypto accounting.

In this episode, you will learn;

  • How to account for lending & borrowing into DeFi protocols;
  • Accounting considerations for liquidity mining & yield farming;
  • Wrapped tokens and their accounting implications, taking the example of wrapped bitcoin;
  • Challenges clients face accounting for DeFi;
  • Where additional guidance is required for accounting not to become a bottleneck for DeFi adoption, and much more.
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Joe David
Founder @ Myna Accountants
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