Episode 24

Will White on a Career Change from Accountant to Web3 Architect

Will White on a Career Change from Accountant to Web3 Architect

What We Discuss With Will White

Will started working at PWC where he was part of the administrators team of the famous Lehmann Brothers case, and continued to be an advisor at numerous Fintech companies, Neo Banks and Venture Capital Firms.

Will is not your typical accountant, and being also a tech enthusiast, was an early advocate for crypto.

Will is a founding team member at Twali, a decentralized job marketplace for freelancers.If you’re an expert in accounting, tax, legal, HR and a lot of more, Twali is building a platform to help you cross the chasm and work in Web3.

In this episode, you will learn;

  • The different ways to work in Web3 today;
  • The idea of building on chain verificable reputation;
  • How can contributor in DAOs earn bounties/rewards for work done;
  • Emerging skills for accountants and finance professionals to have for Web3 and much more.
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Will White
Founding Team Member @ Twali
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