Episode 10

Anthony Nixon on Blockchain for Enterprises with Corda

Anthony Nixon on Blockchain for Enterprises with Corda

What WeDiscuss With Anthony Nixon

From the get go, the team at R3 behind Corda wanted to solve the pain points of the financial services industry, tainted by duplicated and inconsistent data.

And of course the team resorted to using a distributed ledger and blockchain technology.

Corda was designed to manage and synchronise financial agreements between financial companies. Now even if Corda first started with banks, it’s a myth that Corda is just for finance.

Corda is for all industries, and has been adopted in healthcare, insurance, energy, trade and more.

In this episode, you will learn;

  • What Corda is and the business problem it aims to solve;
  • How will banks evolve in the future;
  • The best use cases of Corda;
  • Whether it’s possible to use Corda to build the same financial mechanisms of the Defi space;
  • How tokenization works with Corda;
  • And much more;
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Anthony Nixon
Software Engineer @ r3crda
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