Episode 9

Sabrina Boudefar on An Introduction into Tokenization

Sabrina Boudefar on An Introduction into Tokenization

What We Discuss With Sabrina Boudefar

Imagine owning a piece of the ‘Mona Lisa Painting’ or the ‘Colosseum’ in Rome?

No I’m not saying you would have to invest your life savings into them, but any amount you desire. $10 , $1000, it’s up to you.

With blockchain, you will have the ability to convert a physical asset into its digital form, and be able to fractionalize the asset for trading.

Imagine a world where you can tokenize anything – not only the traditional assets like stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate.

But also more exotic assets like art, wine, cars, sports teams.

It’s a use case of blockchain I’m incredibly excited about but have an extreme ignorance of how it’s being done in practice.

If you are new to blockchain, consider this episode as a tokenization 101 class, where you will learn;

  • What tokenization really means and how real world assets can be moved onto a blockchain;´
  • What makes tokenization appealing to low to mid income investors with fractionalization;
  • Use cases of tokenization already on the market today;
  • What are NFTs and their uses cases other than art collectibles;
  • And much more.
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Sabrina Boudefar
Blockchain Advisor & Tokenization Expert @ STOk Capital
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