Episode 5

Jason Meyers on Continuous Audit and Real-Time Reporting

Jason Meyers on Continuous Audit and Real-Time Reporting

What We Discuss With Jason Meyers

The emergence of blockchain will not spare any industry, and would you believe it , not even the auditing industry.

An audit does not provide absolute assurance on the truth and fairness of the financial accounts since it does not verify 100% of the transactions, but adopts a sampling approach.

As a recovering external auditor, I wanted to know whether blockchain technology can solve this pain point? Yes it can.

Enter AuditChain, the world’s first decentralized continuous audit & real time financial reporting protocol ecosystem.

This time by including 100% of the transactions, a network of independent CPAs and Chartered Accountants provide external assurance on the controls, financial data and disclosure requirements.

In this episode, you will learn;

  • What decentralized continuous audit really means;
  • Why real time financial reporting is necessary;
  • The challenges ahead to transition from traditional audit to decentralized audit;
  • How NFTs can be used not only as art collectibles but as a monetization opportunity for accountants;
  • And much more…
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Jason Meyers
Inventor & Lead Architect @ Auditchain
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