Episode 2

Lior Lamesh on Custody of crypto assets for banks and financial institutions

Lior Lamesh on Custody of crypto assets for banks and financial institutions

What We Discuss With Lior Lamesh

With more and more companies looking to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an alternative to traditional investments like bonds, stocks and so forth, an important consideration for these companies involves the risks and controls in place for owning such assets.

One of these significant risks lies in custody. Will the company keep custody of the assets itself, or will it rely on third-party providers?

Custody of cryptocurrencies requires a new kind of infrastructure with unique considerations for their storage and security. And connectivity to the internet is the intersection where solutions for custody diverge.

In this episode, we discuss;

  • The differences between public key and private key in cryptography and their relative importance to the investor.
  • The options available for a bank to offer custody services to their clients.
  • The limitations for banks to develop a custody infrastructure in house.
  • The differences between hot wallets and cold wallets.
  • The steps for banks and financial institutions to have a self managed custody solution.
  • Options available to clients while assets are in cold custody (eg. staking, trading, tokenization)
  • And much more…
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Lior Lamesh
Co-Founder & Cybersecurity Expert @GK8
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