Episode 18

Thomas Nägele on Regulation of Crypto, Defi & DAOs

Thomas Nägele on Regulation of Crypto, Defi & DAOs

What We Discuss With Thomas Nägele

The topic of regulation in the crypto space causes division. While some feel uneasy, the rest would welcome it as it’s a necessary evil for crypto adoption.

Until now, crypto has undoubtedly largely benefited from the lack of clear regulations.

Regulators around the world have struggled and been playing catch up with the pace of innovation in crypto, while trying to find a balanced approach between protecting investors and not over regulating and squashing innovation.

One country which stands out from the lot is Liechtenstein, as it’s one of the first countries to issue regulation on the tokenization of assets.

In this episode, you will learn;

  • The proposed crypto regulation by the European Commission titled MiCA;
  • How to regulate Defi protocols;
  • The Blockchain Act of Liechtenstein and a future where everything is tokenized;
  • Whether crypto needs its own regulator;
  • The issue of the legal identity around DAOs, and much more.

As a disclaimer, even if Dr Thomas is an Attorney at Law, nothing in this episode constitutes legal advice.

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