Episode 25

Bryan Peters from Sobol on The Future of Work in Web3

Bryan Peters from Sobol on The Future of Work in Web3

What We Discuss With Bryan Peters

The onset of web3 being decentralized is fueling a paradigm shift in how work is organized on the internet, and DAOs, short for decentralized autonomous organizations, is the vehicle to drive the change.

With DAOs being internet-native entities with no central management, where people are incentivized to work on common shared goals, we need new tools that allow these organizations to hold people accountable.

One of the emerging tools to address the accountability challenge is Sobol.

Sobol provides an accountability map for DAOs that enables them to organize the roles of different participating members and their respective goals.

To discuss the future of work with decentralized teams, I had the pleasure to speak to Bryan Peters, the co-founder at Sobol.

In this episode you will learn;

  • Why the future of work is built around the idea of decentralized teams
  • How Sobol provides an accountability map for DAOs
  • How to be incentivized working for DAOs through bounty programs today
  • How to build an on-chain resume and its current challenges and much more.
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Bryan Peters
Co-Founder @ Sobul
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